Update CometVisu on WiregateΒΆ

Download the Instructions

cd /var/www
wget -O CometVisu0.8.5.tar.bz2  http://sourceforge.net/projects/openautomation/files/CometVisu/CometVisu_0.8.5.tar.bz2/download

Unpack the Files

tar xvf CometVisu0.8.5.tar.bz2

OPTIONAL: Delete the downloaded Files

rm ./CometVisu0.8.5.tar.bz2

Copy the Configuration into the new Visu Folder

cp cometvisu/config/visu_config*.xml release_0.8.5/release/config/

EITHER remove an old backup and create a new backup from the current deprecated installation

rm -Rf ./cometvisu.bak
mv ./cometvisu cometvisu.bak

OR alternative procedure WITHOUT deleting old versions (rename to any_name)

mv ./cometvisu any_name

‘’‘Generating a link to call the Visu with the known url can be done here again ‘’‘

ln -s release_0.8.5/release/cometvisu

Call the Visu then known as http://name_oder_ip_addresse/visu - At the first start, if necessary, the configuration will be automatically converted.