Welcome to the CometVisu!

CometVisu is a web based visualization for home automation. It can access the KNX-Bus directly (via eibd/knxd) or use OpenHAB as a backend. The current version can be found on Github.

System Requirements

Operation by the user takes place via a web browser. The Most of the current browsers are supported.

By setting URL Parameter can you additionally affect the CometVisu, for example by loading other configs or designs, as well forcing rendering for mobile devices such as mobile devices (e.g. smartphones).

Operating CometVisu

The main menu is in the footer and normally contains different links:

  • CometVisu.org” link to the projects homepage

  • Reload” to reload the current page

  • Widget Demo” shows different widgets and there usage

  • Edit” opens up the editor.

  • Check Config” This tool will check the config file against syntax errors. config visu_config is valid XML signals a valid config file. The File will be display beneath. In case of errors, they will be highlighted.


    The content of the footer can be customized by the config XML-File.


  • Metal -> the most popular design

  • Pure

  • Diskreet

  • Discreet Sand

  • Discreet Slim

  • Alaska

  • Alaska Slim

It is also possible to implement customized designs.

Colors inside CometVisu

Colors will always be used in hexadezimal format 0xRGB format

Further help, examples and color-codes can be found here or here