Frequently asked questions are answered here:

Does CometVisu work with Internet Explorer?

NO. Unfortunately at the moment Internet Explorer is not supported. This is due to the many peculiarities that need to be programmed and maintained specifically for the Internet Explorer. But since CometVisu is an open source project, anyone who has the skills to do so is welcome to work on it as well as to make it compatible with Internet Explorer. At the moment, the user only has access to one of the many, free ones Browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. A list of compatible browsers can be found here: System Requirements

Can the CometVisu also be operated on any server or hardware?

YES. But this requires a lot of Linux knowledge. Basically, the CometVisu runs on any Linux based hardware for which there is a eibd and a webserver. Basically, the CometVisu protocol can also be implemented on systems where no eibd is running, or which are not connected to KNX at all. Finished solutions are not known to us at the moment.


The easiest way to install the CometVisu and to keep it updated is to use the Docker container.

Is there password protection for the built-in editor or visualization?

NO. At the moment, neither user administration nor password protection is integrated in the CometVisu. However, there is the possibility for advanced users of hand-held e.g. remove the link to the editor from the status bar. Currently there is also a possibility to realize an automatic page change by group address. It is also possible to hide pages so that they can only be accessed via a group address (for example, external login for special pages). This feature is currently under development and therefore not released!

Can multiple designs be used simultaneously on different devices?

YES. This is easily possible because the display of the visualization is taken over by the client browser. Therefore, there may be slight differences in the appearance of the same theme in different browsers. It is only necessary to create a separate config file for each design, since the design to be used is stored there.

Can I design my own design for the CometVisu?

YES. That is easily possible. However, knowledge in website creation (HTML and especially CSS) is necessary. This allows the design to adapt to your own wishes.

Can I develop my own widgets for CometVisu?

YES. The CometVisu was specially designed so that everyone can develop their own widgets. The file structure_custom.js is available for this purpose. This file will not be overwritten by future updates. The widgets are programmed in JavaScript.

Can I participate in the development of CometVisu?

YES. We can use every helping hand. At the moment we are still urgently looking for programmers to help fix bugs and further develop CometVisu. But even “tolerable” beta testers reporting the bug, for example, in the bug tracker are welcome.

Likewise, any help in completing this documentation is welcome. If you are interested in joining CometVisu, please contact us at knx-user-forum in subforum CometVisu.

Information on the possibilities of cooperation can be found here: Help the CometVisu project