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CometVisu - the visualisation for your Smart Home

A Smart Home or even a big Smart Building - the CometVisu is the perfect solution to visualize and control everything: the heating or the light, multimedia or alarm messages. Everything is possible and in the rare cases of a missing special feature it can easily be added as the CometVisu is an Open Source software project.


Right now you are already using the most important component for the CometVisu: the web browser.

The CometVisu is a pure web 2.0 (HTML5, JavaScript) application - no plug-ins or even applications that must be installed on all devices are required. Already in 2010 - as the first visualisation on the market - the first version of the CometVisu proved that real time updating web based visualisations are possible.

The choice of web 2.0 technologies allows all devices with a modern web browser to be used for the visualisation: Windows, Mac or Linux, on the desktop as well as touch panel screens mounted on a wall, as well as all kinds of mobile devices like Android or iOS, on as smart phone as well as on a tablet.
The mobile devices can use the CometVisu without the need for an app, the browser of the device is sufficient.1

To connect the visualisation to the Smart Home a “server” is required - but even very simple hardware is sufficient: a router, a Raspberry Pi or even a full blown server can be used.

Not eager to install and administer you own server? Then you can choose between commercially available appliances that come with the CometVisu running on them. 2

The CometVisu on the server system can communicate with either the KNX bus system or the OpenHAB with all systems that are supported there like EnOcean, HomeMatic, Hue, RWE Smarthome, …

  1. To optimize the display, the CometVisu is supporting natively an installation as an WebApp. 

  2. These appliances are using the CometVisu:

    Note: The CometVisu project is independent from these vendors.