CometVisu release 0.12.0

The CometVisu project is happy to publish version 0.12.0 that can be downloaded at or

Highlights of the new version are:

  • New graphical editor
  • New manager
  • New feature (preview): MQTT can be used as a backend
  • New feature: native openHAB REST API client - openHAB doesn’t need a special binding anymore
  • New feature: the professional ColorChooser replaces the simple ColorChooser
  • New feature: additional KNX datapoint types for colors added
  • New feature: images can be cropped on the top and bottom side
  • New feature: the URL at the image widget can be changed dynamically
  • New feature: enhanced clock plugin
  • New feature: roundbar widget
  • New feature: the multitrigger can contain more than 4 buttons
  • New feature: navbars can dynamically be shown and hidden
  • Refinement of the metal design
  • The Docker container contains multiple architectures at the same time
  • May bug fixes
  • Internal change to the Qooxdoo compiler

The latest changes can be seen in the change log.