Resize widget content

In the following widgets are next to the child element layout (specifies the outer widget dimensions) other attributes such as. width and height to influence the content:

Basically, it is recommended to start without these attributes at the beginning, since in most cases the size of the content is automatically adjusted to the widget size. However, in some cases it may make sense to use the width or height attribute in addition.

The information is in CSS format and can be in pixels, percent or relative to the font size.

Size information in pixels

The specification in pixels takes place in the format width="300px" or height="200px".


The indication in pixels scales in relation to the viewport size and not in relation to the physical resolution of the display. The viewport size is defined for each device based on the display size (screen size). An overview provides e.g.

Sizes in percent

The percentage is expressed in the format width="100%" or height="100%".

The percentage refers to the visible area of the widget size. That with width=100% the content will be scaled (both enlarged and reduced) to the entire width of the widget, with width=50% the widget will be half filled.

Size information relative to the font size

The specification is in the format width="50em" or height="30em". The unit “em” is the standard font size of the text in the Cometvisu.