CometVisu Beta Release 0.5.1

This is a historic release when the CometVisu was hosted on SourceForge

The CometVisu project is pleased to announce the new release 0.5.1

This is a “internal beta” release, i.e. a release for developers and early beta testers only. We hope that the next release will be a “public beta” where everyone interested in a COMET based and AJAX powered visualisation can have a look at.

The release 0.5.1 is available from the Subversion repository branch or (soon) from the project download section.
As the only backend implementation that currently exists is on the WireGate, you need a WireGate (or at least the packages from it’s repository) to use this CometVisu release. If you use a WireGate you might use the already packaged version of this CometVisu release there (package name: cometvisu)