Widgets in the CometVisu

Widgets are the individual elements from which a CometVisu ​​site Is constructed. These can either be fixed in the CometVisu Can be installed or integrated via a plug-in interface. The Widgets can be added by the editor. (Right click on the Element to receive a widget. A page or a Group (group). By selecting the widget from the drop-down menu and Then the widget is inserted and clicked on the + sign Can be configured as follows;

Operatable widgets

These widgets can be operated in any way to send data to the backend or trigger other actions, e.g. you can switch on a lamp by clicking a switch-widget, or you can navigate withon the visu with a Pagejump.

Widget Description
Audio With this widget, an audio file can be integrated into the visu, which can be played by an address.
Designtoggle Adds a button to the visu that allows you to change the design.
ImageTrigger Adds a clickable symbol to the visu. This may be e.g. for reminders such as birthdays or garbage collection.
InfoAction Enables the combination of an illustrative and usable widgets.
InfoTrigger Adds an element to the visu that contains two buttons and a value indication for feedback from the BUS. (E.g. for multimedia control.
Multitrigger Adds a widget with 4 buttons to the visu. Thus, e.g. change the operating mode of the heating system (Comfort -> Night -> Absent -> Frost protection) or create scene functions.
Pagejump The pagejump widget can be used to link the visu pages. The function is similar to hyperlinks.
PushButton Adds a button to the visu that sends a defined value to the BUS when you press and release. E.g. pushing a 1 and releasing a 0. This makes it possible, for example, to simulate a push button to open and close a garage door, blinds or blinds.
Refresh With the widget refresh, the visu is added a switch, which allows the visu to reload the displayed data.
Reload With the reload widget, the visu is added a switch, which allows to reload the full visu in the browser.
Slide Adds a horizontal slider to the visu. This can be used, for example, to dim a light or change temperature values.
Switch Adds a button to the visu. Switching actions can be triggered. The switch is typically used for ON/OFF actions (e.g. light or power sockets).
Toggle The toggle widget is similar to the switch, but it can take more than two states. Can be used to change the operating modes of the heating system. Each time the toggle is pressed, the toggle takes the next possible state.
Trigger Adds a button to the visu with which exactly a defined value for a short, as well as a defined value for a long key pressure, can be sent to the BUS, e.g. for recalling and storing scenes or driving roller blinds. (Short = stop, long = drive). The address for short and long term may vary.
URL-trigger The UrlTrigger widget adds a button to the visualization that queries data from a URL in the background.
Badge The NotificationCenterBadge Widget shows the current number of messages in the notification center and opens the center when you click on it.

Informative widgets

These widgets have a purely informative function, an operation is not possible.

Widget Description
Image Adds a static image or a live camera image to the visu.
Info Adds a dynamic field to the visu that can represent values from the BUS (e.g. 14-byte text or temperature measurements).
Line Adds a horizontal line to the visu to divide the display into individual areas.
RGB With the RGB widget you can display a colour in the visu.
Text Adds a static text field to the visu.
Video Adds a video or live stream to the visu. Currently, most sources do not support this yet.
Web Adds an area to the visu, where external websites can be displayed.
WG_Plugin_Info Adds an dynamic field to the visu that shows live information from a WireGate plugin.

Other widgets

Widget Description
Break Adds a line break to the visu.
Group With group, widgets can be grouped together. The group can be given a size via “layout”.
Include Allows you to split the visu_config.xml into multiple files and re-merge the parts using include.
Navbar With the widget navbar, you can add a navigation menu to the entire visu. The menu can be displayed on a page (top, bottom, left, right).
Page Creates a new sub page and adds a corresponding link to the current page.

Widgets that can be included as plugin

These must be integrated in the meta area of ​​the visu_config.xml before they can be used.

For example:

    <plugin name="diagram" />
    <plugin name="colorchooser" />
    <plugin name="strftime" />
Widget Description
ColorChooser Color selection wheel for RGB illumination.
Diagram RRD based graphs.
Diagram_Info Information display that opens a graph when you click on it.
PowerSpectrum Graph of the spectrum of a power source.
Strftime Display of the time in text form.
RSSlog Display of RSS feed.
RSS Display of RSS feed.
Gauge Pointer instrument.
CalendarList External calendar.
Clock Widget to display the time of an address.
SVG Demo plugin to show the integration of an interactive scalable vector graphic.
Timeout Changes currently displayed page after some time of inactivity.
tr064 Router informationen, like Fritz!Box call lists, via TR-064.
UPNPController UPNP Controller.
Speech Uses the browsers built in text-to-speech engine to speak text.
Link Add a simple clickable link that opens another website.